Saturday, September 26, 2015

Where to Sell English Book In Japan

Some while ago I finally decided to sell some of textbook/non-ficition/technical books to save space for my tiny apartment.

The books are mostly English and I am not sure whether the local Japanese secondhand bookstore will accept them or not. I first visited a nearby BookOff - a popular secondhand dealer in Japan specializing in book, CD, movie, and game software. I was immediately turned down and the staff told me only the large store in Ikebukuro can accept those non-Japanese books. Since I was almost near the station and I make my way to Ikebukuro, this store did accept those books but only offer tiny amount of money for each book (10 - 500 JPY) which is ridiculous.

At this situation, I searched whether I can sell them online and eventually put all my book in The whole process is super easy and another good thing is I can set the price. After 3 months, I finally sold more than half of my books and got nearly 30K.