Monday, March 30, 2015

Mount Synology Nas share folder Ubuntu 14.04

#A short memo on how to mount a Synology NAS share folder to Ubuntu 14.04
#Used new Sinology 3635xs Nas

#First install cifs-utils
sudo apt-get install cifs-utils

#Make a file containing user name and password for log into the NAS
nano ~/.3635xsCredentials
#add following information

#change the permission and only allows the owner to read and write
chmod 600 ~/.3635xsCredentials

#create a mounting point
sudo mkdir /mnt/FastAccess

#Add the information to fstab file 
sudo nano /etc/fstab

#add following line
// /mnt/FastAccess cifs credentials=/home/me/.3635xsCredentials,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 0

#Check whether error occurs 
sudo mount -a

#you should be able to get into the NAS
cd /mnt/FastAccess 
ls -al

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


in a terminal. Press Enter after reading the introductory text.
Virtual terminals in Screen can be manipulated by pressing the Ctrl+A key combination, and subsequently pressing a key to execute one of the commands given below:
  • c creates a new virtual console
  • n switches to the next available virtual console
  • p switches back to the previous virtual console
  • " lists all available virtual consoles and their assigned numbers
  • hitting a number key brings the corresponding virtual console to the foreground
  • Esc lets you scroll back and forth in your terminal output
  • d detatches the current screen sessions and brings you back to the normal terminal
When a Screen session is detached, the processes that were running inside it aren't stopped. You can re-attach a detached session by typing
screen -r

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Macbook Pro Setup

This is a memo on what to do after a fresh installation of OS X Yosemite on the Macbook Pro.

  1. download dropbox client and install it; selectively sync two folders: AppSync and Mac
  2. go to App Store --> Purchases --> install 1password, aText, OneDrive, Alfred, DayOne, Gemini.
  3. go to System Preference --> keyboard --> Input Sources --> add desired input --> go back to shortcut --> disable command + space for spotlight search --> use it for change input method.
  4. go to System Preference --> Mission Control --> Hot Corners --> Left Upper (Mission Control); Right Upper (Desktop); Left Lower (Show Application)
  5. open Alfred --> check launch Alfred at login 
  6. download and install Sogou Pinyin from
  7. Enable sync for 1password, aText and Day One
  8. download and install Jitouch 2; The registration code is in 1password
  9. Finder --> Preference --> Show Hard disks
  10. open --> sign in --> download Office and Outlook
  11. Download and install Photoshop CS6
  12. Download R and Rstudio
  13. Install Karabaner 
  14. XtraFinder

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

吉他弹唱 光阴的故事(郝浩涵、陶俊、又又)

  • 吉他弹唱 光阴的故事(郝浩涵、陶俊、又又)

  • 作詞:羅大佑   作曲:羅大佑 春天的花開秋天的風以及冬天的落陽 憂鬱的青春年少的我曾經無知的這麼想 風車在四季輪迴的歌裡   它天天地流轉 風花雪月的詩句裡   我在年年的成長 流水它帶走光陰的故事改變了一個人 就在那多愁善感而初次等待的青春 發黃的相片古老的信以及褪色的聖誕卡 年輕時為你寫的歌  恐怕你早已忘了吧 過去的誓言就像那課本裡   繽紛的書籤 刻劃著多少美麗的詩   可是終究是一陣煙 流水它帶走光陰的故事改變了兩個人 就在那多愁善感而初次流淚的青春 遙遠的路程昨日的夢以及遠去的笑聲 再次的見面   我們又歷經了多少的路程 不再是舊日熟悉的我   有著舊日狂熱的夢 也不是舊日熟悉的你   有著依然的笑容 流水它帶走光陰的故事改變了我們 就在那多愁善感而初次回憶的青春 流水它帶走光陰的故事改變了我們 就在那多愁善感而初次回憶的青春