Thursday, April 23, 2015

iPhone reset memo

I just did a factory reset for my iPhone. Recently the entropy of the system has increased to an intolerable level - I couldn't feel the phone is close to my heart as it used to be. The reset procedure was put here as a memo for next cycle and reset.

  1. Backup Photos with iPhoto. Delete all from the iPhone.
  2. Backup iPhone with iTunes.
  3. Sync local contacts with remote server by WeSync, an app from Tenecent. 
  4. Check whether Username/Password of Apps have been added to 1password or not. (Line, WeChat, MyFitnessPal and Yamada Denki)
  5. Email Whatsapp chat history
  6. Tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings and wait 
  7. Choose language > setup Wifi > enable location services 
  8. Set up as New iPhone (without restore from either iCloud or local backup)
  9. Sign in with Apple ID
  10. Agree the Terms and Conditions (send a copy to email)
  11. use iCloud > confirm phone number and email associated with FaceTime and iMessage.
  12. Don't add passcode > Continue 
  13. Don't send Diagnostics data 
  14. Now the home screen shows up, drag all less used Apps to create a folder (my selection: Videos/Stock/Passbook/iBook/iTunes Store/Apple Watch/FaceTime/PodCast/Game Center)
  15. Add Newsstand to Extra
  16. login App store > Update > Purchased > Install following apps (OmniFocus 2 for iPhone, Fantastical for iPhone, Rakuten Card, Fitbit, Day One, Yahoo 乗換案内, Line, WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber, 静音シャターカメラ, WeSync, Dropbox, 連絡先+)
  17. Log in Wesync > Keep online contacts only
  18. Whatsapp > enter phone number > enter code > Restore Chat History (from iCloud)
  19. Set up WeChat 
  20. Set up Line (Age Verification is needed)
  21. Add Japanese and Chinese keyboard
  22. Turn off My Photo Stream sharing 
  23. Turn off Share my location 
That will be all. I am not going to set up Email account - will just let it be.