Friday, October 17, 2014

Hilarious Email By Satoshi

Dear all,

I didn’t like to see plastic bags left in the sink for a few days, and I threw them away.
If any of you kept those bags there for any professional or scientific reasons (I believe it’s not the case though), please label them.
If you still need those bags, please pick them up from the trash bin.

The electric kettle was empty.
Please fill it when the water level is low after you use it.
It’s bad to keep the kettle empty, because 1) heating the empty kettle can cause fire, and 2) the next person are not happy.
To fill the electric kettle, you can use the metal kettle in the shelf above the sink.

Cleaning up garbage and filling the empty kettle don’t produce any scientific data for your future publications and never strengthens your CV, however you still need to do these things, I think.